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Web Design and Hosting backed by solid customer support!

Home office of Bass N Edge and G & W Ent.We work very hard to promote your web site and products to our viewers. You will have a personal representative assist in your maintenance and updates on your web site. With our super fast high broadband connection on the backbone of the internet, your site will load fast with no waiting by your viewers. We are not some outfit working out of their living room, using a slow connection,  but a full service provider, with everything from High Speed business connections and co-location of your company servers in a totally secure environment, to web development and hosting. E-Commerce sites are fast, secure, and reasonably priced to the point that anyone can now do business on the internet with their company.



1. Stand out from the competition. Online you can be compared side by side with your biggest competitor. That means there is a tremendous opportunity to identify what your business does better than the rest.  A Web site is the great equalizer.

2. Establish credibility. This is particularly important for small, relatively unknown firms. For example, a family-run tackle store may want to highlight how long they've been in business so new customers feel they're discovering a hidden gem.

3. Provide in-depth information. Use the Web site to provide background, testimonials, directions, demonstrations or other content that speaks to your target audience.

4. Make shopping easy. Every small-business owner is trying to sell something, whether it is a product, service or idea. Even a doctor's office, which may not have anything tangible to sell online, could provide users with an estimation of the wait time so patients don't have to sit in the lobby all day.

5. Enhance customer relations. E-mailing the company, placing an order or securing a reservation can all be done easily online.  Figure out what your customers need, and then build your customer relations based on that.

6. Increase customer spending. Ultimately you are trying to build a businesses, not just boost online sales, which means using the site to keep customers informed and make them feel happy about spending more money.

7. Expand nationally or worldwide. When a business goes online, the dynamics change significantly because Web sites can be viewed by many more potential customers anywhere in the world. That also means that business owners may have to consider enhancing their inventory management, shipping and distribution.

8. Gather customer data. Everything you do as a small business is based on understanding who your customer is. Data from Web traffic can tell you where your customer is coming from and where they are going after visiting your site. Incorporating analytics is invaluable.

9. Brand extension. Offline, your store front is limited by your real estate. Online, your business is unlimited. You can even offer other products and services online that would be difficult to carry in a store due to size and space constraints. For example, a pizza stand could sell slices in the shop but also have t-shirts, hats and other souvenirs available online.

10. Drive traffic either to an online or offline location. Regardless of what type of business you operate, traffic to your site can translate into "qualified" traffic to your store.


The latest in web servers and internet connections are provided by G & W Ent.We have two 4000kw diesel power plants for redundant power in case of a power outage, along with state of the art equipment and highly trained support staff we can assure a site that is ALWAYS available with zero downtime. With three redundant OC3 connections to the internet backbone using full circle loop technology, you will always be connected. We use GeoTrust to secure our e-commerce sites for secure transactions so that your customers and your information are totally protected from prying eyes. Your web site has 24/7 technical support watching over it and the equipment that is home to your site.

Call today and let G and W Enterprises show you how to become part of the internet's momentum without going broke doing it.

You may reach one of the company owners direct here.

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