The 2001 Bassmasters Classic has drawn to a close, and the tournament and Outdoor show were both a huge success.   We at Lucky Craft had a great show drawing huge crowds to our booth to see all our products. The big surprise to all visitors was the unveiling of 11 new lures for the 2002 season.

Once again, Lucky Craft proved to be on the cutting edge of lure design and technology. All four of our top pros placed in the top 20 of the 2001 Bassmasters Classic!  Skeet Reese, Gerald Swindle, Marty Stone and Roland Martin, our hats are off to you! 

Here are the first 11 releases for the 2002 season, available in January 2002.

MH-1S SPINNERBAIT:  Compact in size, comparable to a ¼ ounce bait but 3/8 ounce in weight.  This bait has no lead, but is compromised of a tungsten/plastic head.  The blade is a reversed Indiana blade with a “banana” hole for the split ring to attach.  This bait is designed to be used as a drop or flutter bait.  When the retrieve is stopped, this bait will drop down, the blade will wobble causing the entire spinnerbait to shimmer from right to left. A unique lure with a unique action.

GUNNISH:  Magnificent topwater walking/spitting bait. Designed to sit vertical in the water and walk the dog with a tight effortless walk.  This lure is comparable to a Chug Bug, but with three times the action and finish. The internal weights shift left to right on retrieve, causing a clanging noise sure to call those pigs up from the deep!

CYMBAL VIB:  Silver Buddy type bait.  Designed for deep-water applications and burning over grass beds.  This lure is actually compiled of two parts. A separate left and right side held together with split rings. The gap between the bait allows water to pass through creating a genuine sound and bubbling out water.  A revolutionary design in blade baits.

FAT CB:  Large coffin billed crankbait a little larger then a Manns One Minus.  Designed to run 2-4 feet and having a wide wobble.  This bait will contain no rattles.  This bait will be a killer in those shallow stump fields.

CB MIGHTY:  Small downsized crankbait with a long bill. Designed to dive 8-10 feet and suspend. Body is actually wider then comparable finesse type crankbaits. Has an action in the water like no other.

US SHAD:  Our answer to the Shad Rap.  Perfect shad shaped flat body and bill. Designed to dive 8-12 feet.  Internal weight transfer system will allow you to cast this bait a mile, unlike a Shad Rap.

STAYSEE 80:  Like it already released counterpart, the Staysee 90, this bait will pay off when the bite gets tough!

GENGOAL:  Designed after the Japanese water beetle, this bait will sink to the bottom and have a tight wobble. Designed to kick up dirt on the bottom.  This baits hooks are turned up to prevent snagging on the bottom.

FLASH MINNOW 95:  Our prayers have been answered!  Our Pro-Staff has been quoted as saying that the Flash Minnow 95 is the ultimate jerkbait ever made.  Dives between 2-3 feet and suspends perfectly.  When the jerkbait bite kicks in, oh boy!

SAMMY 128 & POINTER 128:  Saltwater versions of our already in production models. Larger in size, and containing saltwater components.  The big bass fisherman will like these also!

Lastly, but not least, the newest color for 2002.  Lucky Craft calls this color AMERICAN SHAD. A scale pattern has been put on this bait and covered with clear coat. The definition of the scales is a major breakthrough in lure finishing. Has to be seen to be appreciated. 

As always, drop by for a complete run down of all our current product line!  Stay tuned to the Bass-N-Edge, they will have all the latest news from Lucky Craft!

Mike Bailey
Regional Pro-Staff Director
Lucky Craft Lures