The Aqua Vu


See the Fish You are Fishing for with Aqua Vu

Aqua VU

It has been a long time in coming, but the dream of every fisherman that ever fished deep water is finally here. What they have been waiting for is the Aqua Vu Underwater Camera.

In a recent trip to Lake Ontario to pre fish for the Bassmasters Tournament being held in September, I used the Aqua Vu and was absolutely amazed at the resolution of the images presented to me on the screen. At 40 feet deep in the clear water of the lake, we could easily have counted the millions of zebra mussel shells attached to the rocks. I would find a drop off with fish showing on my flasher and drop the camera straight down to the bottom. I never dreamed how many fish could be holding on a drop off when my flasher showed only a limited number of flashes indicating fish.

One of my concerns in using the camera was that it would spook the fish from a piece of structure that I wanted to fish. Quite the opposite, I had small mouth looking at the camera while I fished a spoon beside them. In fact they were so interested in the camera, coming up and touching it with their mouth, that I had a time getting them to turn around a bite the spoon I was watching bounce near them. As my son said "Dad, this is even more fun than catching fish just watching them come after the lure."

We watched schools of Smallmouth bass and Walleye and schools of yellow perch numbering in the hundreds. Of all the electronic equipment that I have, this is the most amazing thing I have ever used next to my mapping GPS unit. It takes all the guess work out of wondering what type bottom or structure you have in the area. It also verifies that you are fishing for the species that you want.

The one thing it won't do is make the fish bite, but at least you know that you are not wasting you time on a bunch of carp or some bait fish. It goes a long way in making your valuable practice time on the water more productive and lends to your confidence when you return in a tournament competition day.


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