The Barefoot Fisherman: by Paul Amdahl

When I was growing up in the Missouri Ozarks, fishing was my biggest hobby along with hunting small game. I started my career as a dedicated fisherman, which eventually led to my being a professional touring pro on the Bassmasters Tour, by fishing with my Dad from the time I was four years old. I was one of the lucky kids that had a father which loved the outdoors and all it had to offer. 

For those kids, and even adults, who did not have this leadership in learning the outdoors and the great sport of fishing, Paul Amdahl has written a book called "The Barefoot Fisherman". It is an outstanding read, entertaining as well as informative. It provides the very basics needed to go fishing, along with some great humor and lessons learned while trying to catch a trophy fish while younger. Very good images and illustrations accompany the stories and information. 

I wish I had been able to read this when I was a young boy to save the years of trail and error that I went through learning the sport of fishing. You may purchase the book at the website:  

Bass Wishes,

Walt Reynolds, BASS Touring Pro