Jethro H. Bass - A bass fishersman's worst nightmare! Avid fishermen all know that there has to be a reasonable explanation for not catching that ultimate fish. Surely it isn't their own inability to find the right spot, right bait, star alignment, hold your tongue right, or even throwing your partner over-board techniques. NO, it could not be any of those things, surely the fish are all against you. Well... not necessarily all the fish, but a few in particular might be...introducing...Jethro.

These are great t-shirts, with cartoons relating to fishermen and fisherwomen everywhere. You will have your friends laughing and wanting one of the shorts from the first time you wear them. I find them to be very comfortable for travel and always the center of attention when ever I stop for gas or a meal. They have a variety of styles and sizes. The company is reputable and gives good service to their customers. 

Bass Wishes,

Walt Reynolds, BASS Touring Pro

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