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If you want to keep those feet comfortable all day while fishing, I have the perfect solution for you.  You have got to get your feet into a pair of Bite shoes!  These shoes are made with every aspect in mind for todayís fisherman.  I have never had such comfort when fishing in the boat for days at a time.  Here are a few models to get you a little more familiar with Bites product line.



The ultimate boating and show season shoe!  Excellent traction without giving up comfort. Made with quick drying Durahide and features drainage vents.  DXL profile outsole system, Bee Sticky rubber for traction on hard surfaces.

Hidden injected plastic shank for superior stability and support. Rounded outsole for comfort. Removable compression EVA sockliner.  Lightweight, comfortable and fish friendly.


 Traction and protection. Siped aquatrac outsole provides exceptional wet surface traction on boats. Combined with a protective sleeve upper design, these sandals work great for fishing and boating!  Soft sticky rubber in the middle for wet surface traction.  Lightweight outsole, Arch shank for stability and support. Wide base for extra stability. Last but not least the Bite Shoes patented toe guard system for protecting those toes!



Built for jungle quickness! Light, supportive, with all terrain traction. Strap these babies on, and your good to go for days of fishing adventures! Light outsole for multi-funtional traction. Outsole water channels prevent hydroplaning.  Arch shank for stability and support. And letís forget the all-wonderful toe protector!

Simply speaking, Bite shoes have this market cornered!  All the ingredients to include comfort, style and application.

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Mike Bailey

Bite Shoes Pro-Staff
BassNEdge Product Review Staff