Bud Haynes has designed a new plastic Hellgramite. It is an exceptional smallmouth lure, especially for stream fishing. Called "Bud's Hellgramites" the lures are very natural looking, flat and lifelike in appearance and action both. The lure is also very effective on spotted and largemouth bass when fished as a Carolina Rig bait and they work great as a trailer on a small jig. A lot of smallmouth fishermen fish the lure on a standard round  jig head using light line on spinning equipment. My personal favorite color is the green pumpkin when using on a Carolina Rig. When the bite requires a downsized lure these baits will do the job. They work well on a drop shot rig also.

They come bagged with two or five lures to a package. To obtain lures or additional information call:

Bud Haynes


Bass N Edge