For Boats, Personal  Watercrafts, Motor Homes Or RVs
The ACDelco Voyager Battery     Won't Let You Down! 

How to find the right battery for your needs.

These are the finest marine batteries I have ever used. They have never failed me or ran down before the day ends. I insist on the best and ACDelco gives it to me.

Walt Reynolds, B.A.S.S. Touring Pro

  1. Long-lasting When you want to stay out longer you can! ACDelco Voyager Batteries are renowned for going on and on.
  2. Engineered for fun All ACDelco Voyager Batteries offer deep cycling so you can stay on the water or at the campsite even longer. Voyager Premium also features twin terminals so you can use one set of terminals to start the engine and the other for powering electronic accessories such as fish-finders, ship-to-shore radios and portable appliances.
  3. Maintenance-free These long-life, deep-cycle batteries perform powerfully with absolutely no maintenance required, including no need to ever add water.
  4. No surprises For your safety and convenience, all ACDelco Voyager Batteries display their state-of-charge, thanks to the built-in hydrometer or "eye."
  5. Excellent warranties All ACDelco Voyager Batteries are protected by at least a 12-month free replacement warranty and a 36-month limited warranty. Call 1-800-ACDelco for details.
  6. Free replacement guarantees ACDelco Voyager Batteries are backed by a free replacement guarantee for at least 12 months, and some such as the Voyager Deep-Cycle Premium Battery carry an 18-month free-replacement warranty period.
  7. Remarkably durable "Flex-rib" cases, an ACDelco-patented design, guards against destructive effects of vibration. Plastic-bottom grid border, enveloped negative plates and specially cured positive paste material contribute to Voyager's strength and long life.
  8. Completely rechargeable Recharge your Voyager Battery again and again and again for hours of recreational fun.
  9. Easy to handle Rope handles with contoured hand grips for comfortable, convenient transport.
  10. Affordable The long life of ACDelco Voyager Batteries, guaranteed by our warranty, make them an excellent value.