Easy View tackle systems


Click to enlargeThe Easy View tackle system organizes, protects, and puts your favorite fishing lures right at your fingertips. No more rummaging through tackle boxes, bags, or sacks full of lures. You will be able to change baits as fast as it takes you to open a lid, grab a bait out of a bag (you can leave the bag open) close the lid and get back on the trolling motor. The system will help you catch more fish and have a lot more fun while your fishing.

Click to enlargeThis is the most efficient system you can install in your boat and it uses totally dead space. This system will eliminate the searching for baits. We found the system to be extremely easy to install on our Triton storage lids. After filling all the clips with bags of Senkos, we took the boats for a rough water ride to make sure they stayed in place. Not one single bag came out of it's holder during the pounding in rough water. Metal parts are powder coated to prevent any corrosion or rust build up. Plastic parts are manufactured with UV protective material, preventing any possible damage due to Ultra Violet rays from the sunlight. All strips are made with heavy tension spring clips and special clip bend designs.

No more pulling out the plastic bag or boxes to rummage around looking for that certain color lure. Just open the storage lid and there they hang in plain view for easy retrieval from the holders.

There is no question that they Easy View Tackle system is worth the money invested, whether you are a weekend fisherman or a pro. Visit the Easy View web site.

Walt Reynolds

Bass N Edge