This is an outstanding product that I have used and find to be excellent to clean and protect my boat while on the road or at home.
 Walt Reynolds, BASS Touring Pro

New Wax and Cleaner for Boat Owners

What Is FastWax?

FASTWAX is a high performance cleaning wax that is designed, not only to clean & wax your vehicleor boat, but it also removes grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches and marks, most faded paint and tree sap...FAST!!! FASTWAX contains no silicones, teflons, or CFCs (chorofluorcarbons) which are harmful to the environment. FASTWAX is also clear coat and gel coat (ie boats) safe.

Who Can Distribute FastWax?
Any person or company authorized by RnR Motorsports Inc.

How Many Cleanings Can One Can Do?
That depends on YOU and the size of your vehicle. The first time you use the product, on an average size vehicle , you'll get two or three cleanings. This is because you have to "establish" the wax on your vehicle. As you learn the wonders of FASTWAX and how to get the look you desire, the amount of cleanings per can will increase to approx 3 for large vehicles or boats all the way up to six cleanings for small vehicles.

How Long Does FastWax Last?
On Average FASTWAX will last 8 to 10 weeks, depending on weather and driving conditions.

Does FastWax harm or scratch paint?
The answer is NO! FASTWAX has a petroleum base and cleaning solvent combination that lift, surround and lubricate (emulsification) the dirt or dust particles from the surface of your vehicle. Add the durability of Carnauba Wax, and you will have a vehicle or boat, with the deep color and "wet look" that is the envy of the neighborhood.

How Long Has FastWax Been Around?
FASTWAX has been giving cars and boats a showroom finish for over two years.

How Is It Applied?
It's really simple. First park your vehicle or baot in a shaded area, out of wind, if possible. If needed, rinse any heavy excess dirt, Shake can well before using. Use two terry cloth towels. Spray a light coat of FASTWAX on a small section of your vehicle. a 2 or 3 foot square area is recommended. Using the first towel, gently rub FASTWAX in a circular motion. Allow approx. 15 seconds for FASTWAX to dry to light filmy haze. Using the second towel, wipe/ buff to a showroom shine, turning towel frequently to avoid build-up. *NOTE*- FOR faded paints, bugs, tar, tree sap, etc.. Apply a heavier coat of FASTWAX and let stand for 10 seconds to allow product to remove substance(s) from surface before rubbing.

What Can FastWax Be Used On?
FASTWAX can be used on any painted and non-porous surface. This versatility allows FASTWAX to work on virtually every outside surface of your vehicle. Use it on windows, mirrors, chrome, aluminum, hard rubber, smooth plastics, fiberglass, and much much more! With so many uses it's easy to see why you'll find people using FASTWAX on their cars, trucks, vans, boats, RV's, motorcycles, airplanes and the list goes on.

Who Makes FastWax?
FASTWAX is made by a division of Sherwin-Williams, called diversified Brands Inc, exclusively for RnR Motorsports Inc.

What About Inside The Home?
The answer is YES! FASTWAX is great for glass top furniture, ceiling fans, sinks, faucets, counter tops and shower doors.

Who Uses FastWax?
Race car drivers, Pro Fishermen, car lovers, and anyone that wants a clean, waxed and protected vehicle without spending all day doing it!

See More at the FastWax web site.