Gamakatsu's New Line released


Extra-Fine Co-Polymer Line





As with everything Gamakatsu produces, G-Power Line is of the highest quality. This line offers a rare combination of low stretch, low memory, super fine diameter, and strength. 

 One of the many advancements made with this line is it’s consistent diameter.  This is difficult to achieve with standard monofilament and makes G-Power a consistent, reliable performer.  When this feature is combined with G-Power’s low memory, the result is improved casting accuracy and distance.

 Unlike many monofilament lines, G-Power does not absorb water.  G-Power line is coated with a Silicon R-Fluoric Resin to repel water.  This feature eliminates line swell, provides superior wet knot strength and helps prolong the life of the line.

 G-Power is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 25, and 30 pound test with three colors to choose from;  Clear, Smoke, and High Visibility Yellow.

 Anglers have trusted Gamakatsu hooks with their biggest fish for over a decade and we feel strongly that they can place that same trust in our line.


Strength            4lb      6lb      8lb      10lb     12lb     14lb     17lb     20lb     25lb     30lb

Diameter          .007     .008     .009     .010     .012     .013     .014     .015     .017     .019