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Gary Yamamoto Releases Limited Edition Drop Shot Kit

March 25, 2002

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits has released a limited edition drop shot kit - a package of 40 dropshot baits, 10 dropshot sinkers and 8 dropshot hooks in a reusable utility box. The box top shows step-by-step knot-tying and dropshot rigging instructions.

The kit is designed for the angler who wants to dropshot at a peak level of performance - right out of the box.

The kit pulls together leading products from Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits including Gamakatsu Sugoi hook designs exclusively by Gary Yamamoto, Daiichi Bleeding Bait Hooks, Owner Hooks, and sinkers from Bullet Weights, Inc.

Open the kit, and you gain instant confidence knowing some of the highest quality dropshot baits, hooks and sinkers available today are at your fingertips. The components in the kit eliminate any concern whether you are equipped or rigged properly.

"There is nothing else you need to dropshot except enthusiasm," says company spokesperson, Russ Bassdozer.

The dropshot kit is designed for light tackle from 6 to 8 lb. test, which matches perfectly with Gary Yamamoto's new dropshot spinning rods.

The kit will be available in limited quantities for a limited time. The kit includes:

Dropshot Baits:

  10 pcs. 3" 9B Senko Color 240 Smoke Blue Pearl
  10 pcs. 4" 7-Series Cut Tail Worm Color 157 Smoke w/ Black & Purple
  10 pcs. 4" 7-Series Cut Tail Worm Color 303 Pearl w/ Black & Gold
  10 pcs. 3" Fat Senko Color 150 Smoke w/ Black

Dropshot Hooks:

  2 pcs. #1 Yamamoto Sugoi by Gamakatsu
  2 pcs. #1 Mosquito by Owner
  2 pcs. #2 Drop Shot'n Gill Flash by Daiichi
  2 pcs. #4 Mosquito by Owner

Dropshot Sinkers: 

  4 pcs. 3/16 oz. knotless clip-on swivel sinker
  4 pcs. 1/4 oz. knotless clip-on swivel sinker
  2 pcs. 3/8 oz. knotless clip-on swivel sinker


Dropshotting tomorrow may mean something different than we know of it now. "We shall see brand new bait designs just to dropshot, and new sinker designs to negate line twist," predicts Bassdozer.

"I especially expect we'll see medium and heavy dropshot rigs materialize," says company president, Ken Sasaki. Ken recently used heavy tackle to dropshot two lakes, El Salto and Comedero, in Mexico where Ron Speed ( provides world class bass fishing lodges. "We battled numerous brawling Mexican bass up to ten pounds. We tried various rigs and baits, but by far most effective was to dropshot 5" watermelon Senkos on heavy wire 3/0 hooks on 20 lb. test line, heavy rods and reels" says Ken.

But for now, dropshotting today for many anglers still means light rods, thin lines, and slender, wispy baits in the three to four inch range.

Six pound line is the norm on unobstructed bottom. Since setting a hook can be hard to do in deep water with light line and light rods, a short straight-shank hook, rigged with the point exposed, helps you get better hooksets. A size four hook is used with the point exposed through the nose of thinner, smaller dropshot baits, a size two hook for medium baits, and a size one for thicker-bodied baits. Not available when the kits were assembled, size 4 and size 5 Yamamoto Splitshot hooks are available separately now. They practically set themselves and are ideal to dropshot.

A second exposed point hook rigging method is wacky style, which is to rig the exposed point hook exactly mid-center through the bait's body.

Eight pound line is appropriate where bass can break you off in brush or line-cutting snags. Texas-style offset shank hooks (such as the Yamamoto Sugoi hook) may be required in brush and snags to hide the hookpoint in the plastic, preventing break-offs.

Included in the kit, one-quarter ounce sinkers are the staple in twenty to thirty foot depths. Three-sixteenth ounce sinkers for shallower than twenty feet. Three-eighth ounce sinkers get the nod in depths beyond thirty feet, or when it is too windy to effectively use one-quarter ounce.


Innovation is common at Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. The company manufactures some of the finest soft plastic salt-impregnated fishing lures in the world. Company offices are located in Arizona, Texas, Italy, Spain, and Japan. The full product line includes over 40 models and 100 colors of soft plastic lures, Sugoi fluorocarbon line, fishing rods, fish hooks, jig heads, Sugoi Splash topwaters, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, scent attractant, fishing apparel, how-to videos, a bimonthly subscription magazine called Gary Yamamoto's Inside Line, and free Gary Yamamoto's Weekly News letter.

Research, development and new product advancements are continuous. All products are custom-designed, field-tested and proven to perform under demanding tournament fishing conditions by Gary Yamamoto and his international team of professional bass fishing stars and writers.

For more information, please visit the company's web sites at and, or call company spokesperson Russ Comeau at 800-645-2248 or email