April 6, 2001 - Gary Yamamoto has released the new Senko Lite in two sizes and four strike-provoking colors.  Made from a special blend of buoyant soft plastic, the Senko Lite doesn't actually float but it sinks incredibly slowly with a hook in it, and it triggers intense action as it suspends and hovers enticingly above shallow cover.

Spring is one of the best times to use the high-flotation
Senko Lite as bass move into newly-flooded shallows being covered with warm, rising water.

"Most of the time, I use the Senko Lite as a twitching
bait," says inventor, Gary Yamamoto. "An angler will need to uncover whatever kind of twitching action the bass prefer to hit the Senko Lite on any given day."

Yamamoto adds, "I will also deadstick it. I simply let it
suspend and sink slowly over fish-holding cover. As it
slowly descends, the Senko Lite displays incredible
tail-quivering action."

The Senko Lite comes in two sizes (5" and 6" inches) and
four colors:

- fluorescent lemon
- hot yellow
- bright white pearl
- merthiolate

"These new highly-visible colors provoke slashing strikes,"
says promoter, Russ Comeau. "These hot colors are part of
the success, excitement and fun fishing with it. Because the
Senko Lite is highly visible, you can watch bass swim out of
a bush, emerge from under a weedbed or log, grab it and swim
off with it. Sometimes your Senko Lite just disappears from
view or with just the tips remaining highly visible as a
fish swims off with it. If the fish goes back down into the
cover, let the line pull tight, then set the hook. On the
other hand, if the fish swims out into the clear, watch for
it to stop to ingest the Senko Lite completely. Wait to see
the entire lure disappear. Just keep a cool head. Once they
grab it, they rarely spit out a Senko Lite."

The Senko Lite is available now.

For further info on the new Senko Lite, call: 800-645-2248
or visit the company's web site.

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