Hamby's Keel Protector


A Great Investment in your Boat.

Ever go to sell your boat and have a potential customer back off because there were scratches and dings on the keel?

The Hamby ProtectorWell I have had that happen in years past , but no more. I use a Hambys Protector on all my boats now. When we are filming or in a tournament there are many times you have to beach your boat or will accidentally hit submerged rocks etc. The Hambys Protector has completely eliminated the damage that occurs many times when this happens.

You may order the Protector direct from most boat companies as an option or there are dealers all around the country who will install one if you weren't aware of the product when you ordered your boat.

 The obvious benefit from the Hambys Protector is that it saves your boat from damage. The real payoff is in the much increased resale value of your boat down the road. It protects the boat and shows a customer that you really care about keeping a boat in great shape.

Walt Reynolds, Touring Pro


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