If you like fishing and music, then you will love these albums. I have every album Gary had released and they play in my vehicle and home all the time. Great songs and a great guy.

ESPN Outdoors
A couple of good fish tales
by James Swan

The book 'Fishing Online: 1,000 Best Web Sites' and box set
'Papa Was a Fishing Man' are feasts for the eyes and ears

The whopper that swam into my mailbox is one humongous lunker of a four CD
box-set album of really sweet tunes called "Papa Was a Fishing Man," by the
World's Greatest Fishing Band.

Gary Shiebler, the lead vocalist and songwriter for most of the tunes, has a
heartful voice that sometimes reminds me of Kenny Rogers and, man, has this
got album got a wide range of musical styles for Shiebler to showcase his

The music is as good as it is diverse. There are 50, yes 50, country, Cajun,
traditional, rock, blues, calypso and ballad songs S all about fishing.

Discs 1 and 2 are composed of freshwater songs, most about bass and
bluegills, with muskies, walleyes and steelhead thrown in. Close your eyes
and listen to homage to monster bass like "Big Boss Bass," and you will feel
yourself out on the water tossing a hula popper among the lily pads.

Disc 3 is saltwater-themed, with a Jimmy Buffet feel and laid-back
excursions into Baja and the Caribbean.

And disc 4 is aimed right at a flyfisherman's heart. Too bad Robert Redford
didn't have this music to score "A River Runs Through It."

"Papa Was a Fishing Man" is a chock-full of catchy, soulful tunes that will
set your toes tapping and put a smile on your face. Each song captures the
feel of the local fishing spirit as the album's direction travels across the
United States.

With "tight lines and good times," along the way, you meet some pretty fishy
characters, including "Wahoo Willie," "Sheephead Sam" and "Musky Man," and
learn why and how "Papa Was a Fishing Man."

"When Tammy Does the Shimmy at the Fish Fry" and the calypso tune "Bad to
the Bonefish" were my favorites, but "Hey Bubba (She Fishes Better Than
You)" was close behind.

The ending tune, "City Mind and Country Heart," is slow and soulful.

Doesn't that hit the bull's-eye for a lot of folks forced into a
metropolitan world to make a buck but wishing they were out in the country?

The music by itself should sell the way shad lures fly off the tackle shop
shelves when the silversides are running, but there is more

The packaging with old photos on the discs and insert sheets adds to the
nostalgic feeling, making it like a family album coming to life.

On top of that, the set comes with liner notes by country star Brad Paisley
and an acknowledgement to some of Shiebler's fishing buddies, including
Ralph Stanley, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Lorrie Morgan, Bobby Bare
(there is a song about going fishing with Bobby Bare), John Anderson and
Billy Bob Thornton, who helped support the making of the album.

I'll leave the final word to Brad Paisley, who pens on the insert of this
World's Greatest Fishing Band's box set, "So grab a pole, your tackle and
some headphones. Find a nice stump on a nice bank and re-live the best
memories of your life. You're gonna love these records."

provided by ESPN Outdoors and Gary Shiebler.