Izorline reveiwed by Mike Bailey, Izorline Pro Staff

For those of you that are not familiar with Izorline, you will be! Izorline has taken the bass fishing market by storm! Dean Rojas used Izorline to capture two Bassmasters Top 150 tournaments in Florida and Louisiana in 2001. His 4-day catch of 20 bass weighing 108 pounds is an all time record in B.A.S.S tournament competition. He was actually sight fishing with 25 pound test green Izorline!!! Incredible!!!

Izorline Premium green copolymer line is second to none in strength and castability. Its green finish makes it virtually invisible underwater. At recent tackle trade shows up and down the East Coast, Izorline demonstrations had people scrambling to purchase bulk spools of the premium green copolymer. Demonstrators were showing attendees how hard it was to break the 6-pound test version of the copolymer. People were amazed!

Izorline Premium green copolymer is available in tests from 2 to 80. Izorline is distributed here on the East Coast exclusively by Izorline East. They can be contacted on their web page www.izorlineeast.com

Try Izorline for yourself, the results will have you convinced!

Mike Bailey
Izorline Pro-Staff