Lucky Craft Crankbaits

As the Director and member of the Lucky Craft Regional Pro-Staff, I have the opportunity to Field test promo colors and all new lure designs prior to their release to the general public. 

Lucky Craft lures have been designing and manufacturing the hottest baits on the tournament trail for quite a few years now. The Pointer jerkbait and Sammy topwater series were the initial baits from Japan that caught on immediately with many touring pros. Now, there has been a demand for a small crankbait to finesse those wary bass into biting.  As always, Lucky Craft has again uncovered a winner with its Bevy Crank Series.

The series includes two models, first of which is the 45SR shallow runner. This bait is designed to run at 2-3 foot depths on 4-6 pound mono. Second is the 45DR Deep runner. This model is designed to run at 4-5 foot depths on 4-6 pound mono. I have had great success fishing both models on 10 pound mono. The first time out testing these baits with my good friend Reid Edwards, we caught numerous fish in 47 degree water cranking feeding flats.  These were all quality fish with the largest weighing 5.8 pounds.

So for the demand of the small crankbait craze, Lucky Craft has again delivered! These baits continue to be tested across the nation, and will be available to the public sometime in April of this year. Colors are yet to be decided, but all crankbait series colors currently produced by Lucky Craft are expected to be used. Check out Lucky Craft lures at for other popular models.   Lucky Craft has more new models, variations and colors to follow in the next coming months.   

Stay tuned to the Bass-N-Edge for future new additions!

Mike Bailey
Regional Pro-Staff Director
Lucky Craft Lures

Mike has active input and credibility with lure production and testing for many of his sponsors.  Although his many responsibilities to his sponsors dictate much of his time; he still manages to fish a few local trails and tournaments.  He is responsible and maintains a large Regional Pro-Staff for Lucky Craft lures, and also has important input with design and coloring of its complete lure arsenal.  A well documented tournament angler, Mike finds the time to work tackle/trade shows, and represent his sponsors diligently.

Mike has plans to fish the B.A.S.S Eastern Invitationals in the coming years, and explains that he will know when the time is right.  We expect to hear a lot of Mike on the tournament trails  across the country, his impact in the fishing community has already been noticed.