Megastrike, a new artificial lure enhancer

Megastrike lure scent enhancer. Seen at some of the largest fishing tackle shows in the country (including 2 Bassmasters Classic Shows) Megastrike has been a very well kept secret.  Bobby Uhrig, owner of the company, says, "We have been around since 1994 with a very loyal following in the northeast. We have field tested thousands of bottles all over the United States with everyone saying the same thing, "its the best artificial bait enhancer we've ever used." 

Bobby goes on to state, "All of our testimonials are unsolicited, we didn't pay anyone for them and we have hundreds of them. In 1994-95-96 we gave away 40 samples (total) at various Bassmaster tournaments and we had 5 first place finishes using our product. In 1994 we helped catch the second largest 5 fish creel in the Bassmasters 25year history at that time."

Used and endorsed by such fishing greats as Roland Martin, nine time Angler of the Year.

Lee Bailey, Jr. founder of the Foxwoods BassChallenge Tour gave credit on the Bassmasters show for Megastrike being the ingredient that helped him on Lake Toho.

In 1999 Joel Richardson was given a sample by a friend and went on to win the $100,000 Wal-Mart FLW Tournament at Lake Okeechobee.

I personally have used this product for about 6 years when the owner gave me a bottle while fishing as my partner in a Bassmasters event that I was leading. It worked then but was packaged in a generic bottle that required you to dip your finger in the bottle to apply the scent. They have now brought it out in a tube that makes it a breeze to use with no mess on you, your cloths, or the boat. What a neat idea and as I have found through use it does make a tremendous difference in the number of bites, but more importantly, the fish just will not turn loose of a lure that has had Megastrike applied to it. Also I might note that a tube of Megastrike will last longer than 5 or 6 cans or bottles of a liquid scent and stays on the lure for hours even under hard fishing conditions. It is a "no brainer" that this would be any pros choice of a scent attractant to use. The real kicker is that it comes with a  100% money back guarantee.  

The Megastrike lure enhancer may be purchased online at their secure shopping cart at Megastrike.Com or at Roland Martin's web site.

Walt Reynolds, BASS Touring Pro