Most fishermen have used a towel clipped to their belt or somewhere on the boat in the past.  Most fishermen have given up using these small towels, as they were always hanging up in their equipment or too small to be effective...enter the Fish Towel. Nearly twice as big as most towels used for advertising and given away, the Fish Towel is a functional towel that is very durable. It is unique in that it has not one, but two belt clips on opposite ends of the towel.


I had also gave up the practice of using a towel even though having it to dry your hands on in cold weather or keep your hands clean while fishing, was nice. I found that when I kneeled down to change lures or to sit and drive my boat, it was always in the way. I am now using the fish towel, which does a great job and because I can hook it on both sides of my belt, it stays out of the way. It is a large towel and gives a full days duty without becoming soaked or soiled beyond use.

The FishTowel is a durable poly-blend towel that is lightweight and can stand up to the dirtiest hands. This is an oversized towel measuring 16"x27" in a poly-cotton blend (86% cotton / 14% polyester). The FishTowel has grommets on each end giving the angler many choices in use.

Fish Towels may be purchased online at or at some of your favorite retailers. Do as I have and use a Fish Towel for a better and more enjoyable day of fishing. They are long lasting and reasonable enough to have spares on hand for your partners. To order your 16x27 FishTowel  call 410-341-7174

Bass Wishes,

Walt Reynolds, BASS Touring Pro