PEAK ENGINE PERFORMANCE

             FOND DU LAC, Wis. The new Mercury OptiMax/DFI 2-Cycle Outboard Oil is a synthetic blend developed specifically for the greater demands of  direct fuel injected (DFI) outboard engines.  The higher operating temperatures and reduced oiling rates of these high-performance engines require the use of an advanced lubricant.  This exclusive new formula increases lubricity, reduces smoke and provides the highest protection  for DFI engines.

             Designed exclusively for Mercury or Mariner OptiMax and DFI engines, the  OptiMax/DFI Oil helps maintain peak engine performance and  economy. Combining  a carefully modified base stock blend with an  increased additive package, that includes   synthetic cleaners,  OptiMax/DFI Oil controls carbon deposits and minimizes carbon buildup that can affect engine speed and acceleration.

             "OptiMax/DFI 2-Cycle Oil surpasses the performance of the Mercury Premium Plus formulation renowned as the benchmark by which all others  are judged," said Don Schultz, Manager of Fuel and Lubricants at Mercury  and Chairman of the NMMA Oil Certification Committee.                    

             While not intended to be used in all applications specifying a
        TC-W3 oil, the new synthetic blend OptiMax/DFI 2-Cycle oil will keep Mercury  or  Mariner OptiMax and DFI engines running at top speed and acceleration  even under the most severe conditions

             Also available this summer is the new Mercury Diesel Engine Oil and
        Extended Life Coolant Anti-Freeze.

             Mercury Diesel Engine Oil is formulated to meet the heavy-duty
        needs of high-output marine diesel engines.  Containing more additives  than standard fleet oils, Mercury Diesel Engine Oil provides greater engine protection even under the most severe operating conditions.  This  shear stable multigrade formula (SAE 15W-40) provides excellent water  tolerance, superior wear protection, and combats sludge and varnish  formation.

             Mercury Extended Life Coolant Anti-Freeze is designed for use with  Mercury MerCruiser gasoline engines with closed cooling systems.  This  ethylene glycol-based product comes prediluted 50/50 with deionized water and provides 5-year/1000-hour extended life protection.  This silicate- and phosphate-free product will not cause gelling and is  DEX-COOL compatible.

             Mercury OptiMax/DFI Oil, Mercury Diesel Engine Oil, and Mercury  Extended Life Coolant Anti-Freeze are only available through authorized  Mercury, Mariner or MerCruiser dealers. Visit the Mercury website for more information.