Quantum Engineers "Blueprint" New Baitcast and Spinning Reels


The new Quantum "PT" designation stands for Performance Tuned, but what it means is tricked-out, souped-up baitcast and spinning reels designed to outperform all other reels right out of the box.

            It's all about the special things that engineers have long been doing to their own reels to make them cast farther, crank smoother, reel quieter and last longer.  Rearranging, gutting, shifting, super-tuning every detail to get that last degree of performance out of every single part.  Differences that some fishermen will never miss, but the things that will bring a smile to the lips of those at the top of their game. 

            The PT modifications are found in Quantum's new Energy E600PT and Accurist AC500PT (also comes in a left hand model) baitcast reels, and in their new Catalyst PTi and Kinetic PTi spinning reels.

            All models feature special high-speed bearings, super-tough gears, high-tech ceramic components and special Quantum Hot Sauce lubrication, a unique formulation that bonds molecularly with the base metal.  

            Both PT baitcast reels have high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratios and feature Quantum's unique ACS II externally adjustable centrifugal cast control braking system, Continuous Anti-Reverse and a quick-release bayonet side cover.  The E600PT has a one-piece aluminum frame.

            The Catalyst PTi and Kinetic PTi spinning reels are in Quantum's new ThinLine family featuring a one-piece aluminum body and side cover.  Both also have Quantum's exclusive TiMAG II bail system, using a multi-pole magnetic system for bail functions instead of a spring.  

            Both PT spinning reel series come with popular 2, 3 and 4 size models.

            The Energy E600PT will retail for about $159.99, the Accurist E500PT for $99.99, the Catalyst PTi for $89.99 and the Kinetic PTi at $69.99.