Quantum Introduces Catalyst for Better Fishing


Anglers have long been waiting for someone to discover some kind of catalyst that will help contribute to their fishing success.  Well, good news . . . Quantum has done just that.

            New from Quantum is the Catalyst PTi, a top of the line spinning reel that sports a thin, compact one-piece aluminum frame called Thinline.  Skinny is a good look for a spinning reel, especially when complemented with the counter-balancing FootForward design and "screwless" aluminum side cover of these models.  But there's a lot more to this story than just good looks.

            First of all it is important to know that "PTi" stands for two things.  It means the reels are part of Quantum's new Performance Tuned line of specially "tricked-out" products designed to deliver more than typical products do right out of the box.  It also designates the reels have Quantum's unique TiMAG II bail system that is so good it comes backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

            The special PT "tweaking" package includes proprietary polymer/stainless hybrid high-speed bearings, Quantum HotSauce molecular lubrication, a ceramic Magnum drag system and a scratch-resistant vacuum-plating finish.

            The TiMAG II bail system features a Nickel-Titanium bail wire and uses magnets instead of a spring for the bail opening and closing process.  Both features solve the age-old problems common to spinning reels forever bent bail wires and broken bail springs.  

            The Catalyst PTi series consists of three models, each with eight stainless steel bearings and 5.2:1 gear ratios.  The CT20PTi holds 140 yards of 6 pound test line, the CT30PTi holds 160 yards of 8 pound test line and the CT40PTi holds 230 yards of 10 pound test line.

            Also three models feature Continuous Anti-Reverse, an oversized Twist-Reducer line roller and a MaxCast LongStroke aluminum spool.  A spare aluminum spool also comes with each model.

            And how much better can it get than to have a Lifetime Warranty on what has always been the weakest part of spinning reels the bail system.  That fact alone should speak volumes about just how good these new Quantum PTi spinning reels really are.

            The CT20PTi sells for around $89.99.  The CT30PTi sells for around $89.99.  The CT40PTi sells for around $89.99.