Quik-Cull system from Plasti-Clip

We recently received and tried the new Quik-Cull system from Plasti-Clip, and it worked great.

After weighing our fish, we simply squeezed the handle on the clip, inserted it onto the fish's lower jaw, and Presto! it is attached. Also of importance to us, was the facts that it does not harm the fish in any way.

      Another great feature is the feature of each clip being marked by a nice long piece of nylon rope, which is a different color. When it comes time to cull, it is easy to see which one you need, immediately, without having to pull up all the floats to check the color of the beads on them. The colored ropes do not tangle together, thus saving harm to the fish while in the livewell. The system comes complete with 6 colored ropes with quik-clips attached, and it is very affordable.

      If you are looking for a fast, efficient  method to assist you with your tournament fishing, I highly recommend you give these a try. I think you will be impressed.

      For more information, visit their website at the link below:

                        Quik-Cull website