Mercury Racing Propellers

--Precision-Tuned Custom Propellers Deliver Peak Performance


Fond du Lac, WI -- Mercury Racing propellers are the best in the business. Prop specialists in Fond du Lac perform "black magic," transforming raw castings into precision-tuned stainless steel works of art, for racers and performance boaters alike.


Mercury Racing Outboard Propellers

Mercury Racing outboard cleaver propellers feature higher pitches designed for lighter, faster boats that don’t need much help getting on plane. Mercury Racing manufactures three-blade and four-blade thru-hub and over-the-hub exhaust cleavers for 20-300 hp (15 kW to 224 kW) Mercury Race and consumer performance outboards. Three-blade and four-blade cleavers are available in 15” diameter with 28”, 30”, 32” and 34” pitch sizes in right-hand and left-hand rotation (381 mm diameter and 711 mm, 762 mm, 813 mm and  864 mm pitches.) Models with 15” (381 mm) diameter and 26” (660 mm) pitch are available in right-hand rotation only.


 Three-Blade Thru-Hub Outboard Propellers

Mercury Racing's three-blade, thru-hub outboard propeller line has been expanded for worldwide racing classes using 30-60 hp (22 kW-45 kW) stock outboards. Mid-horsepower racing includes 50 hp (37.3 kW)  tunnel boat classes in Mexico, V-bottom classes in Scandinavia and the increasingly popular inflatable classes. These new models

are available in 11.5”- 12” (292.1 mm - 304.8 mm) diameter and 14” or 16” (355.6 mm



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or 406.4 mm) pitch.  Thru-hub cleaver propellers are also available in 11.5”-12” (292.1 mm - 304.8 mm) diameter and 18”- 22” (457.2 mm - 558.8 mm) pitch. All models are available in right-hand rotation only.


Chopper II and Lightning E.T.TM  Three-Blade Outboard Propellers

A new casting technique makes the Chopper II and Lightning E.T. propellers more durable than ever. The new Chopper II, an improved version of the original Chopper propeller, works well on heavier boats that need bow lift. The enhanced

bow lift reduces drag, increasing the efficiency of the boat and improving overall

performance. The Chopper II permits higher engine mounting on the transom for greater speed. 

The Lightning E.T., first introduced as an outboard drag racing propeller, is providing top performance in a variety of boat applications. Besides delivering an incredible hole shot and awesome acceleration, the Lightning E.T. also produces natural bow lift, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency of the boat. This adds up to higher speeds and better fuel economy, requiring less engine trim. Both Chopper II and Lightning E.T. propellers are available in 14.5” (368.3 mm) diameter, with 24”- 32” (609.6 mm - 812.8 mm) pitch in right-hand and left-hand rotation. Models with 14.5” (368.3 mm) diameter, 22” (558.8 mm) pitch are available in right-hand rotation only. Propeller hub reliability is improved with the use of a new steel square-bore hub standard on all Mercury Racing Cleaver, Lightning E.T. and Chopper II propellers.


Tunnel Race Boat Propellers

Propeller specialists have been busy creating a winning formula for SST 120/S2000 and Formula One tunnel boat racers. The result is the development of all-new

four and five- blade racing cleaver propellers for the popular 2.0 Liter Mercury SST



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120/S2000 and Formula One race outboards as well as the 2.5 Liter Champ race outboard and the S3000 race outboard. These stainless steel propellers improve acceleration from the dock and enhance overall performance. Both models are available in 9” - 10.25” (228.6 mm - 260.4 mm) diameter and 16” - 21” (406.4 mm - 533.4 mm) pitch in left-hand rotation.


Customized To Perfection

Customizing services are available to ensure peak propeller performance for every application. Mercury Racing Propeller specialists “lab finish” or blueprint propellers by adjusting blade thickness, pitch and diameter based on the horsepower weight and design of the boat. Every propeller is balanced and buffed by hand before it leaves the factory.


Sterndrive Propellers

A complete line of competition, sport and performance cruiser propellers are available in three, four and five-blade cleaver-style designs. These stainless steel, lab finished cleaver propellers, designed for consumer and race applications, are custom-matched to specific hulls and boating environments. They are designed for use on Mercury Racing Super Speed Master III, III-A, IV, V and Six drives.

Three-blade models are available in 18” (457.2 mm) diameter and 26” -31” (660.4 mm - 787.4 mm) pitch. Four-blade models come in 17.5” (444.5 mm) diameter, 23" - 25” (584.2 mm - 635 mm) pitch and 18” (457.2 mm) diameter, 26” - 35” (584.2 mm - 889 mm) pitch. The 18” (457.2 mm) diameter five-blade cleaver offerings have been expanded to include 26”- 35” (660.4 mm - 889 mm) pitches. All models are available in both left-hand and right-hand rotation.





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Lab Finished Bravo One and Mirage Plus Propellers

Mercury Racing propeller specialists have enhanced the performance of the three-blade Mirage Plus and four-blade Bravo One propellers. Specialists lab finish these popular sterndrive propellers by thinning propeller blade surfaces and rebalancing the propeller for maximum efficiency. Both propellers provide top performance in a variety of performance boat applications.


Propeller Protection

Mercury Racing prop covers are popular among performance boaters and racers

alike. These attractive covers feature the Mercury Racing logo silk-screened on

a heavy-duty nylon material. The tough nylon shell resists tearing and is

waterproof to protect your propeller from the elements. A stainless steel ring maintains a form-fit over the propeller. Mercury Racing propeller covers are available in three diameters including 11” (279.4 mm) (tunnel boat), 15” (381 mm) (V-6 outboard - V-bottom/catamaran) and 18” (457.2 mm) (Mercury MerCruiser III, III-A, IV, V SSM or Six drive).


Secure Investment

The Prop StowTM  secures spare Mercury Racing propellers while under way. For further information regarding Mercury Racing Propellers, contact Mercury Racing Propeller Specialists Brett Anderson 920-924-2034.