The Reel-jacket is a wonderful invention for anyone who wants to protect their investment in their fishing tackle.  The Reel-jacket is designed to cover your reel on or off the rod.  If you have as much money as I do invested in your reels, it’s a “no-brainer” to use these jackets.

The Reel-jacket is made out of moisture and corrosion resistant 200denier nylon.  It is very breathable, soft, and resists UV rays, so it won’t fade.  The Reel-jacket has drawstrings with pop-locks, keeping the jacket tight when applied.

  The Reel Jacket

 James & Company also offers this jacket in a deluxe model, containing an Evolution 4 padded fabric to further increase the protection of your reels. This padding is moisture repellent, breathable, mildew resistant and strong.  The jacket can also be used to store your reels when they are off the rod. I carry all my spare reels in separate Reel-jackets.

The Reel-jacket is available in a variety of sizes and colors, and can also be screenprinted with your company logo or name. Reel-jackets are a great promotional tool for your business or fishing teams.

To complete the lineup for all of us bass fisherman, they also offer an electronics cover.  The electronics-jacket protects your depth finders and GPS from dust, flying debris and UV light.  The Electronics-jacket is also protective when you remove your electronics from the boat for storage.  A small price to pay to take care of your fishing tools.

    The Electronics Jacket

These products can be viewed better on the James & Company web site

Protect your investments, get some jackets and put them to work!

Mike Bailey

Reel-Jacket Pro-Staff