Reel Care


Make your reels smooth again!

When you went fishing the last trip, did you reels have funny squeals, whine, or just not feel as smooth as they used to. Well a little lubrication in the right places will go a long way in bringing back the life they had when they were new out of the box.

Use the picture here to see what to put where on a normal baitcaster. This is a picture of the PR600 Quantum reel that I use , but it will be basically the same on all reels.  At least once a year take the time to disassemble your reels down to the frame and give them a total cleaning. Then add oil and light grease according to the manual that came with the reel.  This will extend the life of your reels and yield much better performance.

                                                                 Reel Lubing

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Walt Reynolds, Touring Pro