Spike-It Soft Plastics

Courtesy of Mike Bailey, Spike-It Pro Staff

How many people know that the famous Spike-It Bait Company makes a complete line of soft plastics?  Not very many people do, but I promise you this, it won’t be long before a whole bunch of people do!  Their soft plastics have been taking tournament trails by storm from coast to coast!

 My personal best success has come on their Spike Worm, a floating model. Rigged weedless and without any weight, this twitch bait is awesome.  WARNING, this bait is not to be used if you have a heart condition!  I have had more devastating explosions on this bait then any I have ever used.  The split tail and tapered design will put this bait in a category by itself.

A 4-inch Finesse version is also available, and works well on a drop-shot or Carolina rig.


 The Spike-It lizard is available in a 6 and 4 ˝ inch version. Texas or Carolina rigged, these lizards will produce. From the curl tail to the curl legs, this lizard is second to no other on the market.


 To meet the demand for the angler who likes to pitch and flip heavy baits into the thickest of cover, we introduce the Ribbler.  Incorporating ribbed sides with a thick corkscrew tail, this 8-inch worm is poetry in motion.  A well needed addition unavailable from any other manufacturer.


 Last but not least, we have the Craw Chuck trailer. This plastic is tournament proven.  1999 Megabucks champion and Spike-It pro-staffer Ron Shuffield used this to claim his championship.  Its lifelike pinchers make this trailer ideal for a jig or spinnerbait.  

 All of the Spike-It plastics can be viewed online at www.spike-itbaits.com  and are available in a huge variety of colors.  Also remember that all Spike-It plastics are super Spiked with the Spike-It trademark Attractants.

 Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey
Spike-It Pro-Staff