Bass Tournament Record Keeper


"This is the most time saving and efficient program I have ever used for keeping up with my tournament expenses and logging of my tournament activities. In my personal opinion, anyone who fishes professionally can not afford to be without it ."

Walt Reynolds, B.A.S.S. Touring pro

For the Bass Tournament angler - this program allows you to store all your tournament information in a simple to use format. Keep records in various "folders" that are easily accessed with one click of the mouse.
The folders consist of the following:
   Tournament Schedule - list information for all upcoming tournaments
   Tournament Results - record your place of finish, fish caught, number of 
   contestants and more
   Fishing Conditions - enter weather conditions, structure fished, lures used,
   additional notes
   Tournament Expenses - detail your expenses and have them automatically
   added up
   Fish Caught - list details of the fish you caught
   Notes Folder - add additional details of the tournament here
   Calendar - check your dates and make reminders to yourself
   Club Memberships - keep track of dues, member numbers, expiration
   dates and other information   
   Help Folder - pages to guide you in using the program

   You can print Reports for all of the folders - including a nice expense Report.
   Go to Downloads page to download now.
   Price$13.00 for downloaded version       $21.00 for CD (see order form)

My Fishing Log
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For the sport-fisherman - keep a log of all your fishing trips.
   Easy to use drop-down boxes for quick selection of:
   Lake information, Weather Conditions, Structure fished,
   Type of fish caught, Lures or bait used, and much more.
   Make miscellaneous notes, set reminders, and use the
   built in Calendar. There's a special folder just for the best
   fish you ever caught. 
   Print out Reports

Price: $12.00 for downloaded version   $21.00 for CD (see order form)
Go to Downloads page to download now. 

  Try before you buy!
Download either program for evaluation. They are fully functional and after 21 days you can purchase the program from a
  self-contained order form with the click of a button. If you decide that it's not for you - just follow the simple directions to
  completely remove the program from your computer.