"In traveling all over the United States on the Citgo Tour, I find that the Tow Light gives me that EXTRA EDGE in safety, by making other drivers aware of my motor. What a neat tool that every boat owner should have."

Walt Reynolds

BASS Touring Pro

The Tow-Light

I was just introduced to a really neat safety warning light that is a long overdue product.  This is a must-have for any boater that trailers his boat on today's highways.

Tow-light is easy to install on any trailer and slips easily on to the lower units of virtually any outboard or inboard / outdrive motor.  A simple ten minute initial installation prepares your trailer for using the Tow-light.  After the initial installation it takes only a matter of seconds to install it for each trip.

Tow-light adds a measure of safety to trailering by bringing attention to the lower unit of your motor.  It serves as a center-mounted safety light, much like the third stop light on late model vehicles.
They provide a wiring harness that installs to your trailer and the unit comes with a pigtail that plugs into the harness when you use the Tow-light  It even comes with a storage box for when it is not in use.

Tow-light is a running light that shines brighter when braking and flashes when using your turn signals and flashers.  It is visible whether you trailer with your motor trimmed up or down, and has side markers that are visible from the side. 

The unit is light weight, made of closed cell foam that will not harm your motor in any way.  You can mount it by sliding it over the cavitation plate, or it can fit above or below the cavitation plate for those boaters that have installed a planing fin.  It has a safety strap to keep it in place while on the motor.  The unit floats, too.

Tow-light is available by mail order.  Contact Darryl Witwer, at 804-561-1776, 804-221-3870, or e-mail Darryl for more information.

Gary Conner
The Bass N Edge