Warrior Rods


We were recently asked to do a product review of the new Warrior Rods, recently purchased by the owners of Leverage Lures. The rods are available in two price ranges, the high end Elite series and the less expensive Signature series.  We have tested both series under tournament and regular fishing use as well as having several guide clients try them for their unbiased reaction to the rods.

Both rods series were incredibly well balanced, very sensitive and held up to the abuse of many hours with no failures of either the rods or hardware. Both were lightweight, though the Elite series is slightly lighter in overall weight. They had a softer action than most light weight rods, but very fast tips and extremely good backbone when fished under a variety of conditions. The fast tips gave very good accuracy in casting and with the light weight, they fished all day without tiring.

They rods are constructed with carbon, Boron, and graphite composites and are manufactured in the USA. They came equipped with Portuguese cork handles and deluxe reel seats.  We found both series to be what we feel is an outstanding rod. The clients who threw the rods all day were asked their opinion at the end of the day and was unanimously confirmed to be the finest rods they had ever thrown. Several asked for information as to where they could buy a set of the rods for their personal use. Basically the difference in the rod series other than price, is that the Elite series is a little lighter in weight and  finished with a nice deep blue finish and slightly more sensitive to the feel.

Overall we would have to say that the entry level series of rods was the best buy for the money spent, but that the Elite was certainly a rod that those demanding the finest in equipment would be well advised to take a serious look at. You will find the manufactures contact information posted below.

McGuinness Fishing Products, LLC

Warrior Rod Division

PO Box 80282

Athens, Georgia. 30608

Office Phone: 706-227-2248

Fax: 706-613-0491

Email: rmcgatl@aol.com

Dealer inquires welcome.